A big YES to expansion!

A big YES to expansion!

I was walking around the hospital and looking for volunteering services, I noticed huge changes in our medical field. The new medical devices caught my attention and I am overwhelmed to how medical field looks now. I’ve seen the new way of saving health records which is now electronically. I’ve witness how one was being saved from death after reviving by medical equipment. A person who undergoes dialysis was now better. A guy who can’t walk can now walk because of the prosthesis limb. New life and new beginning is being given to these people. They are all very thankful for this innovation. This made me realize that change is better if we embrace it. We should not fear it for it help us in many positive ways. This changes lead me to my position of pursuing medical technology. Although expensive, I believe that medical technology should be expanded because it is very beneficial to humans and the society. However, we should only implement the beneficial ones to avoid the increase in costs.

The big reason of why many disapprove it is because medical technology is very costly. It makes healthcare expensive and gives people hard time in paying bills. We all know how hard it is to earn money so I previously asked this question “should we limit its expansion knowing that its costs steadily increase”? I have expounded that medical technology perform a lot of this “wastes”. An example of this is the inappropriate and redundancy in medical procedures. According to Daniel Callahan, senior lecturer of Harvard medical school,this is when medical staff conduct medical examination that are not needed by the patient or sometimes they overly use medical equipment resulting in repeating medical tests. That being said, it is not the patient’s fault nor the technology. There are many things that should be considered before blaming technology as the cause of increase in healthcare.

After going to the hospital, I thought that medical technology, while expensive, is very beneficial in prolonging our lives, improving our standard of living and making this world a better place to live in. In the article that I’ve read, David Cutler, an economist, expound that the money we use in medical technology is worth it. It is not wasted as long as we know how to handle it right. He added there are also technological devices that make treatment cheaper. One example of this is the new way of treating diabetes. It is less painful and much cheaper compare to before. Also, through expanding medical technology, we are increasing life expectancy of human which can be attributed to the advances in healthcare. Furthermore, aged people today are the ones who mostly need treatment from medical technology. Due to this, we need to pursue the implementation of technology in order to prolong their lives. While we are extending people’s life, we are also increasing healthcare costs. But it is very reasonable to help old people and provide them appropriate treatment for their condition. Additionally, people expect so much from technology. Often times they desire new technology to be implemented. Everyone is a fan of change and hi-tech devices. This is also a reason of why stakeholders pursue the advances in medical field because they want to provide conveniency and healthy living to people. The provided reasons above supports that technology is very helpful to everyone and it is worth the pay.

I agree that medical technology is what makes healthcare expensive. However, I learned that it is not only the technology that makes it costly but also the people that use and handle it. I highly think that medical technology should be expanded and not limited. As Cutler asserts, “it does not necessarily follow that technology change is therefore bad … costs of technology need to be compared with benefits before welfare statements can be made”. It is very obvious that the benefits of medical technology is greater than the burden that it’s costs may bring. I believe we are attaining good value for money from the technologies developed. Therefore medical technology, although expensive, should be implemented, pursued and expanded because it provides a lot of positive things in return. We should just be aware of what technologies should be implemented and it should be handled right by people who use it.

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Cutler, D., & McClelllan, M. (2001, January 1). Is Technological Change In Medicine Worth It? Retrieved April 20, 2015, from http://content.healthaffairs.org/content/20/5/11.full


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