Medical Technology has impacted our world in many positive ways, the continuing developments of new devices that are extraordinarily useful in the medical setting continue to impress and inspire us!   However, there will always be the good side and bad side in medical technology. I believe that today it is so important for people to know all the aspects of medical technological advances, the positive and the negative, they are directly affected, and they are the stakeholders, consumers and the payers in the medical field. It is imperative that they understand the benefits and risks that medical technology brings to society. Due to this, I have compiled an essential reading list to inform them the latest issues that they should know in medical technology.

Is medical technology worth it?

As people become aware of the newly invented devices in medical technology, they should determine if this equipment is worth the extraordinary costs. This article informs people in a clear way about the value of advances in medical technology. This article is a study conducted by experts who generalized that medical technology is really worth the price! David Cutler and Mark McClellan expounds that technology in the medical field is very valuable and extremely important in the care of patients. They emphasize the fact that the benefits of medical technology are much greater than its costs. This is a fascinating study because it enlightens people about advances in technology and explains that while technology maybe pricey it is well worth it in the long run.

The Good side 

It is obvious that medical technology has provided benefits and convenience to people. I found an article that clarifies the advantages of medical technology that most of us are not aware of. This article also reaffirms that the innovations in the medical field has positively affected the whole world. This will help people understand why the implementation of medical technology is being pursued. Important benefits are improved information and data coordination, better diagnosis and treatment procedures and advance quality care that can be brought home. It surpasses people’s expectations of what technology can really do in the medical field.

The Bad side

It is not a threat to reveal the downside of medical technology. In fact, it helps people to realize that nothing in this world is perfect. This is very compelling article because the writer used a true to life event to capture people’s attention pertaining to medical technology. People will gain understanding that technology in the medical setting can be faulty at times. It describes a story of a patient who was in coma due to improper treatment, from this story we learn that insufficient knowledge and training can lead to a detrimental medical condition.

What’s the latest?

Today, there are newly invented medical equipment with a goal to deliver essential care. This website consists of many articles that are very interesting because they introduce us to the latest inventions, explains the purposes and functions of the equipment, and what the benefits to people are. In this way, people will have an idea of what technology that will best fit their condition. This is why I included this to my reading list; it is very significant to inform people what medical devices are available to public that would change their life and the whole world.


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