Bringing healthcare HOME!

Bringing healthcare HOME!

images-17   Today, medical technology has made it possible to bring advanced healthcare into our homes. No more hassles, wasting time, and no more lines! People minimize the work of doctors by diagnosing their own health condition before making unnecessary trips to hospitals or clinics. With these tools they can provide the patient appropriate treatment. This medical technology has ultimately impressed people for the convenience and benefits it has brought. To recall the ideas from my recent blog, it is important to endorse the advances in medical home based technologies. There are newly invented devices such as the CliniCloud Mobile Medical Kit which combines a stethoscope, and contactless thermometer in a very compact package.

This new medical device was created by a company called CliniCloud. This company contains doctors who productively collaborated to make this innovation happen. Dr. Andrew Lin, co-founder of CliniCloud, stated that “stethoscope and thermometer are two important tools in the medical setting, now we are putting these powerful tools to the hands of everyday users”. It is clear that the goal of this medical device is to bring home the essential care we need without even leaving our houses. This is very convenient and time saving. Thanks to these advances people can accurately check their health status at home in just minutes. This product can be accessed at CliniCloud offices in San francisco and Australia. However, it is available online too so everyone can buy this product regardless of where they live. This device will be available on July 2015 and the retail price is 149$ but devices can be pre ordered for 109$.

CliniCloud Medical Kit is used for monitoring our health and for recording data pertaining to our medical condition. This is accomplished through the use of a smart phone app which displays results of diagnostics. This device can keep track of fever, chills, coughs and colds. Together with this, an integrated stethoscope can listen to our lungs, respiratory and heart rate. It develops good diagnostics which we can consult to a doctor for further reading. It also includes a thermometer which is connected to the phone through an infrared or Bluetooth connection that can provide accurate readings of body temperatures. This is a totally complete package of the basic home healthcare and diagnostics that we need. Although, this gives us good results, we should still consider going to a more credible source which is our healthcare providers and let them better analyze the result.

Some of the Disadvantages of this product is it requires knowledge in using modern devices such as phones. Some parents are too old and can’t adapt to this modern way of diagnosis. Another downside of it is when you use this product, there should be an internet connection. Just like any other application in phones, it won’t function without internet. But these disadvantages are just small compare to the advantages it have. One solution is to educate the elders to be able to use this product. Maybe this kit should include a CD that contains video and a small pamphlet of step by step procedure in using this product. Another solution is to connect this product to the wifi in the place where the person is or to a wifi hotspot in phones so people can use this product wherever they are.

Advanced medical technology is a positive influence on our quality of life. I believe that with training and education, the positive will outweighs the negative. Our world is technology based, we need to embrace the advances not fear them! I highly recommend pursuing advanced medical technology coming into our homes. Analyzing products brought by medical technology enlightens people’s minds and encourages them to think that it is very beneficial despite any minor downsides.


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