ALL of us are STAKEHOLDER. Want to know why?

ALL of us are STAKEHOLDER. Want to know why?


Stakeholder. A single word that most of us are confused of. According to a Medical Dictionary, stakeholder are people or organization involved financially or affected in a decision of an action. Therefore, I think all of us can be a stakeholder in healthcare. Not only because we pay health insurances and taxes for hospital bills but also because we are the end users of medical technology. I believe that the stakeholders of medical technology are the patients, the healthcare providers and the purchasers or payers. Addressing stakeholders of medical technology is very essential in achieving health innovation. To accomplished a well developed decision in medical technology, it is very necessary for the stakeholders to know the downside and edge of medical technology. My blog about the risks and benefits of medical technology reveals the fallacies of advancement in medical technology and asserts the advantages of modernized treatment. My advocacy is to bring awareness to the public especially to people who are interested in working in medical career to educate them as the stakeholder of healthcare.

I consider myself a stakeholder and all other common people for we are directly affected by any changes in healthcare. We will eventually experience being patients and use medical technology in some point of our life. Most patients agree to implement new technological devices because they believe that it will speed up their diagnostic, treatment and recovery process. We are stakeholders because we use medical technology whenever we go to hospital and small clinics. We also pay health insurances and bills and this money contributes to the development of new medical technology. We are the subject of the debate to whether the government will implement new medical devices and instruments. Before they develop a new change, they consider questions such as will this implementation increase the survival rate of patients? Is this more affordable for patients? And will this change in healthcare improved patients health condition and lifestyle? The decision of the implementation of modernized treatment will depend on the benefit of the patients because we are the number one reason of why changes in health happens which is to enhance our life.

The healthcare providers are also one of the stakeholders. This group includes the physicians, doctors, nurses, and the medical staff. They are also involved because they are the one who uses medical technology for the benefit of the patients. These group of people continuously provide care and support for people who needs help. They claim that it is better to implement medical technology because it improves the diagnosis and treatment of patients that could lead to better performance in the work area. It also helps in decreasing their work load resulting in a more active medical staff.

Purchasers and payers are indeed one of the most important stakeholders in medical technology. They are the one who purchase and buy medical technology. It is their decision if they will let the development of a new medical technology happen. Contrary to patients and healthcare providers, they think of not pursuing the medical advancement. They thought that it is very expensive and allowing the country to suffer financially. They play a big role in making decision of whether to purchase these new medical technology. They are important because they think of the standard care that it will provide to patients. Also they ask questions such as will it be really worth it to buy new equipments for patients? They not only think of the cost of updated healthcare but also the safety outcome that it will provide for the patients.

These stakeholders have different opinion and agendas. This is why they undergo a decision making process to achieve similar conclusion. This decision making process is what we called the rhetorical strategy which identify the problem and gives possible solution to the issue. Knowing who the stakeholder of the topic will be easier for us to understand how and why the issue occurred and this is because of the conflicting agendas of stakeholders. They are very significant in medical technology because they manage, handle and control the process in medical field.


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