What’s GOOD and BAD in Medical Technology?

What’s GOOD and BAD in Medical Technology?



The medical field has greatly advanced because of the innovations brought by technology. We all have witnessed how this technology has changed, shaped and enhanced our life. This makes the topic a fascinating study due to the influence that such rapidly advancing technologies has played in our daily lives. In fact, virtually all of us are using highly technological devices such as phones and computers that are greatly advanced, more powerful and sophisticated than just a few years ago!   Physicians and nurses now use these extraordinarily capable medical devices and machines to provide state of the art care to their patients!  This topic deserves further exploration; I want to expound upon the advantages and disadvantages of medical technology which many people may not be aware of.

Why should people care about this topic? It is simply because it is they who are benefiting from the advanced care and it is they who pay the taxes which contribute to the funding of medical and research technology. That being said, people should be concerned with how their funds are utilized, is it spent wisely and efficiently in this extraordinarily expensive field of health insurance and medical technology. The audience of my topic includes the people who work in the health care field, students who are interested in medical careers and everyday people. At some point we all will eventually visit a hospital for urgent health reasons and this is why it is really important for us to understand how the technology improves our health condition and also what the negative consequences of medical technology can be to us. Since I am a nursing major, I need to expand my knowledge in the medical field and I must keep abreast of the advancements in health care.

I want to assert the advantages of medical technology. Some of these are improved data coordination because of electronic data files, better and faster ways of diagnosing and treating patients and development of less invasive surgeries that minimize the pain and speed up recovery process. I have experienced several times the benefits of medical technology. One example of this is making appointment online which saves time and effort. Also, there are numerous modernized treatments that can be provided to people with serious medical condition. My grandmother, who was diagnosed with kidney problems, was treated through a dialysis machine which helps her kidney to function. It is obvious that technology is truly conquering the health world.

Contrarily, there are also negative things to be considered. First, it is very expensive. The country must be able to bear the expense to pursue the advances that is very pricey. Second, it does not give the doctors the assurance of saving life; some medical technology is very hazards and death may result without a highly skilled team utilizing the equipment. In fact, CT scans and the X-ray machines expose people to dangerous radiation which is very bad to our health. Files are now saved electronically. Once files are deleted, whether it is intentionally or accidentally, you can’t retrieve the files back. Software can have virus or malfunction to systems which can delay medical processes and may result in dangerous circumstances during medical procedures. Additionally, it requires sophisticated training and adaptation skills of all medical staff; they must master and be able to use technology and other devices properly. There is an education gap among the nurses and doctors of today that were educated prior to the rapid advances in modern care and technologies, advanced training for them is expensive and time consuming. This is a hindrance to their performance and ability to provide the best care to their patients.

I believe that being well aware and well educated on this topic will provide us a better understanding of the emergence of technology in the medical field. It is fair to expose the downside of having rapidly advancing technology to our health care even as it has transformed our lives to a more advanced and enhanced lifestyle. Many people including myself are doing research about this because they want to expand their knowledge about technology particularly in medical field. They are looking into this particular topic because they want to know what dilemmas this technology may bring to our health so they can prevent it. To discover the possible solutions for these problems, I will need to continue to investigate and educate myself in this fascinating field of medical research we are in. Since our society never stops inventing new technology, we should keep track of the news, events and issues about medical technology to enhance our life choices and avoid mistakes.

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